ASCON Resource Management Corporation founded in the USA

ASCON Holding expands to the USA

In April 2016, ASCON Holding established the ASCON Resource Management Corporation in the USA. The registered company head office is located in Downtown Manhattan, New York.

The purpose of this business is the establishment, organisation and operation of extended producer responsibility (EPR) systems, systems for the implementation of the EPR concept and all associated areas of business in the USA. ASCON Resource Management Corp. will also set up take-back schemes for various material flows in order to recycle these in its own and third party owned plants in the USA, and offer internationally active US companies comprehensive advice and solutions when it comes to meeting their obligations arising from the European Union's packaging laws in a way that complies with the respective laws.

"Setting up ASCON Corporation in the USA means that ASCON Holding is forging ahead with its internationalisation, which has been a firmly established corporate goal since our investor came on board. The whole EPR issue is an as yet largely unknown but promising concept in the USA; the local market harbours a huge potential for sustainable waste management systems," says Managing Director Sascha Schuh.

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